LOADING is a series of photographs where high and low resolution coexist to create an unique and surreal world, made of exalted details, 8bit or 32bit deep colors, large pixels and barely visible ones.

A non-photographic mind tends to lose detail of his memories; it works on selection and removal. Despite they remain unpolluted on our subconscious, something can’t be retrieved by our consciousness and what we remember well is often only what we want to. We save memory for what we think can be important for us, or we hide what we don’t want to see or only remember.

High-res and low-res, in this way, can be easily associated with our mind works. Everything that is not important for us, everything that upsets us loses details, becomes distorted or simply wrong because we remember in that way. Photography imitates our eyes, but not our memory, which is not motionless and perfect in any description of reality. Digital art and New Aesthetic can be helpful to represent our not always reliable mind into an image in a new and unconventional way.



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